New Ethical Homeware Range with ReCreate


I’ve been privileged to team up with ReCreate Store once again – this time on their stunning new homewares range!

PicMonkey Collage.jpg

The range features a custom designed fabric using the ikat weaving technique, which is a traditional Cambodian style of weaving. This intricate and incredibly skilled technique is based on a design that is first sketched on paper. This design is then broken down into individual strands of thread, and every single strand is hand tied and dyed into sections. The weaver then carefully reconstructs the design by weaving each thread in the correct order, and the original design gradually emerges, but with a beautifully imperfect representation that lacks the sharp lines of a mass produced fabric. An experienced weaver can create one metre of ikat fabric per day, so it truly is a special fabric.


See the full range and discover more of the incredible story behind this fabric.